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Everyone is talking about Lavido

Active Natural Skincare formulated with Certified Organic Essential Oils. Vegan-friendly and Gluten-Free, with clinically proven results. 

"I am addicted to this eye cream. It really smoothed out my wrinkles and I love that it's vegan!

- Shiri M. on the Alert Eye Cream

"My feet feel baby smooth, even in the dead of winter, thanks to this super rich cream."

- Violette M. on the Thera Intensive Foot Cream

"The Replenishing Serum is a miracle worker. I noticed a difference the very next morning! My skin was more hydrated and had an inner glow."

- Nicole B. on The Replenishing Serum

"This magic cream smoothed away the wrinkles in my neck and, I swear, it shaved off 20 years too. "

- Janice F. on the Renewal Neck Cream

“This is my favorite lip balm to use under my matte lipsticks. It's so hydrating without being greasy.”

- Amanda P. on the Thera Lip Balm

"This balm is saving me this winter. I put it on everything- elbows, cuticles, knuckles- you name it!"

- Cailtyn O. on the Thera Intensive Skin Balm

About Lavido

The founder of Lavido, Ido Magal, began his career wanting to become a children’s therapist. As he began his studies, he found himself falling in love with the chemistry behind herbs and plants and realized that he could help children in other ways than just being a therapist. It was with this realization that Ido went back to school to become an herbalist.

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Dermatologically Tested & Clinically Proven

Unlike most skincare brands, all of Lavido’s products are dermatologically tested to ensure that they are not only safe for sensitive skin, but effective as well. We also conduct clinical studies for our anti-aging and hydrating products so that we can stand by our claims, not just with statements, but with actual proof.  Our products are not only natural and made with certified organic ingredients - but our active ingredients truly work for you!