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Make the switch from conventional to clean with our hydrating moisturizers.

Focus on the spots that need it the most with our new clinically proven Clarifying Spot Treatment.

Winter Skin Heroes! Our therapeutic line of naturally derived, plant-based solutions targeting those with dry and hypersensitive skin.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say about our products.

“I love the Thera Intensive Foot Cream. I put it on before I climb into bed - it's become part of my nightly routing and it feels like such a treat! It smells so fresh and moisturizes without any greasiness.” - Lindsay

"This cream is the best! It’s super thick and hydrating and feels so good on my face. Since I’ve been using this product, I’ve woken up with soft, hydrated, bright skin." -Ellyn

“My skin literally drinks this in...I never thought I needed the nourishment, but my skin is so soft and no breakouts! I am sold! - Minday 

“This is the best eye cream I’ve ever used, it is lightweight and smooth, it dimishes the fine lines around the eyes and also the puffiness...” - Cherri 

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Beautiful textures, visible results.

  • Thera Intensive Clarifying Spot Treatment
    Purify, Refresh and Stimulate
  • Alert Eye Cream
    Revive, Hydrate and Soothe
  • Thera Intensive Firming Body Butter
    Replenish, Nourish and Protect
  • Goop Editor’s Pick
    Replenishing Facial Serum
    Revive, Nourish and Protect

Care without Compromise

Plant-based, organic formulas free of harmful ingredients.

Clean. Clinical. Plant-based Therapies.

Clean. Clinical. Plant-based Therapies.

The Sweet Smell of Citrus

The Sweet Smell of Citrus

S.O.S. Solutions for Hypersensitive Skin

S.O.S. Solutions for Hypersensitive Skin

“The results are visible to the naked eye - right away and long term.”

"Elasticity and firmness are instantly restored and puffiness is gone!"

One of the “best beauty products on planet earth.”

“This lotion is life-changing. And if you suffer from mild, moderate, or like me, severe eczema, it’s a must try.”

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