Lavido is a natural, therapeutic skin and body care line specializing in herbal plant chemistry with clinically proven results.

Originating from the beautiful and lush Galilee valley a remote, untouched region of Israel, a country known for its agriculture and green technologies, Lavido was born in 2003 from a passion for herbal chemistry and a need for natural products that work better than conventional ones.

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Plant chemist Ido Magal is the founder and formulator of Lavido. Ido grew up studying herbal and plant chemistry, starting at a very young age in his grandmother’s organic garden. With a deep love of nature and plants, he began farming his land in the heart of the Galilee’s Jezreel Valley in Israel to study and practice herbal medicine. Not long after, his sister asked him to make a therapeutic cream for her baby’s sensitive skin, which soon became a highly coveted product among her friends and family. After quickly selling out of the miracle cream at a local farmer’s market, Lavido - named after Ido and his sister- was born.

“The Galilee valley is rich in nature in its purest form. I grew up tending bees and gardens and riding horses. For me, nature is the most powerful medicine...”

With a heritage rooted and inspired by nature, we bring a deep gardening ethic to our formulation process. We grow many of our own ingredients in our Botanical Sanctuary in Israel that is also a renowned Education Center. People from all over the world come to learn more about the healing and aromatic properties of plants and herbs. The ingredients we don’t grow in our garden are ethically and sustainably sourced around the world where they grow abundantly, using less of Earth’s precious resources.
Plants are the basis of every formula we create. From wild botanicals to therapeutic herbs to revitalizing fruit extracts, we’re an early pioneer of herbal and plant chemistry and our passion and expertise lies in developing therapeutic solutions from the very best of nature, including essential skincare products and our innovative Green Aid collection designed to target specific hypersensitive skin conditions.

“Plants are incredible.They can bring our skin into balance, allowing it to be healthy and vibrant our whole lives.”

Every formula we create is thoughtfully made without the use of known ingredient villains, including mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes, phenoxyethanol, synthetic alcohol, parabens, PEGs, and SLS. Lavido products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and cruelty-free. We test our products on human herbivores, never animals.
Lavido formulations are validated through methodical 3rd party dermatologist and clinical testing. It is our mission to prove that organic and natural products can rival the results of conventional
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